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  • Mladen
    I've tried a lot of ways to quit smoking and all is in vain. My friends like me there was always smoking and was returning to them. However, spray NicoZero my body turned. Smoking rejected him is easy, and even experienced a strong hatred, in this way, I don't drink for months.
  • Ivan
    Smoked full 24 a year, but thanks nicozero finally managed to throw me. I couldn't have imagined just how bright may be a life without this terrible bad breath, yellow teeth, cough, and he looks angry smoking rooms. I tried many times, but just spray nicozero was effective.
  • Sandra
    From the beginning, and sure I can do every moment of it was fashioned like smoke give up smoking. But no, in the years a bad habit has slowed. That doesn't work, nor family, nor a price for me, but there was nothing I could do. I have tried it yet NicoZero. I left for a month, and now a happy.
  • Mario
    Known me the way among the Quit Smoking gum, patches, and books NicoZeroin my opinion , only effective. I believe this cigarette in just three weeks to live without living. For more than a year here I don't feel the desire to smoke.
  • Ana
    Now that I understand it, how foolish it would be to smoke. How much money is spent on in vain, and health. If not NicoZerothen probably would be a non so far. According to me this spray is easy to give up. I don't smoke, it's already 8 months, and I'm pretty sure I'm never going back not it wont.
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