Dream interpretation smokers: why smokers dream of a woman or a man

what is the dream of a woman who smokes

If you dreamed that you were smoking, this symbolizes joyful changes and peace. To see in a dream that another person smokes is a useful acquaintance with influential people. If you dreamed that you refused to smoke - according to the dream book, you will soon have to face your detractors and defend your own opinion.

Seeing in a dream Smoking according to the 21st century dream book

Why dream of smoking according to the dream book:

Smoking - to well-being, a calm carefree life, sweet illusions, good health. The desire to smoke is a sign of melancholy, melancholy. If someone smokes, then you will find yourself in a society where strength and endurance will be needed.

Pipe smoking is a dangerous hobby.

Smoking a cigar - to joy, enjoyment of peace; just keep it in your mouth - to the loss of teeth; burning the lips of the old man in a dream - to betrayal, betrayal. Buying cigars in a dream means that you will have to drastically change your opinion about a person you know.

When you smoke, let out the right circles of smoke - to make a profit thanks to your imagination.

To see cigarettes means to succumb to bad influences, to smoke them means loss of health; give them to someone - you will deceive, give them to you - they will deceive you.

Smoking cigarettes in a dream - to gain peace of mind; to treat them - until liberation from vice.

If you dreamed of a snuffbox, it means that you have accumulated a lot of unresolved everyday problems, you need to consistently solve them.

Interpret smoking according to the World Dream Book

Why dream of smoking

"Blow the pipe of peace" - reconciliation, harmony, friendship; "tobacco is your business" (bad); "and nose in tobacco" - prosperity, contentment; "smoke out" - drive out; "give light" - organize a break.

What does it mean to smoke according to the Wanderer's dream book

Interpretation of smoking from your dream

Smoking - Friendly agreement, support; meditation.

Esoteric dream book: Smoking

If you see someone smoking, you will look funny. To smoke to mock others. This will not earn you the respect of others. Smoking items: pipe, cigarettes, if they are yours, then you are often mocked, prone to excessive self-criticism. Smoking hookah, you risk becoming the object of ridicule and even harassment during travel, business trips.

I dreamed of smoking according to the modern dream book

Smoking in a dream - Experience a difficult life, as well as the cause of a fire.

Dream Interpretation Smoking - dream interpretation of Simon Kananit

Smoking tobacco - Health - to see smokers - you will enter high society

Smoking - Stern Robinson's dream book

Let's find out what dreams of smoking?

To dream of smoking means an empty existence, inactivity, or reflection on one's own life. Why dream that in a dream you choke on smoke, cough or see nothing in the clouds of smoke, then beware of the intrigues of enemies and business obstacles that will disturb your peace of mind and force you to change your lifestyle. Collecting cigarette butts in a dream is a sign of need, humiliation, worries, failures in business. If in a dream you dream that you were given light, then expect trouble or rebuke. If a man smokes in a dream - to a prosperous life, wealth. A woman smokes - unfortunately. The merchant smokes - to big profits abroad. The offender smokes - for early release. The worker smokes - to a big salary the next day. Smoke and do not smell - to a feeling of hopelessness. A large amount of smoke is a sign of overconfidence.

Smoking in Georgi Ivanov's dream book

Why do you dream and what does it mean for the dreamer to smoke?

If at night you had a dream in which you smoke, this predicts various diseases related to the respiratory system, throat or larynx. Maybe you already have some suspicious symptoms that you are trying to ignore. That's why your subconscious sends you sleep so you can help your body in advance. If you dreamed that you were smoking some kind of drugs, this only worsens the previous situation.

See Smoking: Antonio Meneghetti's dream book

We analyze the vision in which we dreamed of smoking

Smoking, smoking in your night dreams is a symbol of aimless fun, idleness and peace. Therefore, if you dreamed of smoking, most likely there will be a temporary lull in your affairs, a forced rest when there is absolutely nothing to do. Take advantage of this time to get a good rest. When a person is a dreamer, then for him smoking in a dream is a sign of calmness at work or the embodiment of his wisdom.

Smoking in V. Samokhvalov's dream book

When you see that you are smoking, for example, a cigarette or a pipe, it means that you are or will soon be in a state of complete rest, relaxation, idleness. Perhaps the reason for this will be a certain delay in your affairs or a certain period of calm between them. If you happen to smoke in a dream, it carries certain elements of oral eroticism, at the same time an appeal to the "over-self" (the sacred smoke of the pipe of the world).

To see smoking in a dream: A large modern dream book

You see someone smoking - the dream suggests that your enemies have decided to use a new tactic: now they will drive wedges between you and your friends.

Your suspicion, pride, resentment will be very useful to the enemies.

The girl dreams that she smells of Kurev - complications with homework will harm this girl in his personal life; most likely she will break up with her lover because one of her parents is against him.

See Smoking in a dream: an Islamic dream book

If the sleeper sees that he is smoking in a dream

If you happen to smoke, remember if you were alone or with someone and with whom. If you dream that you are smoking with a person with whom you are in a quarrel, this portends you a recent reconciliation. Smoking in a dream with a friend or just an acquaintance is a good heart-to-heart conversation. We smelled smoke from smoking in a dream and it was pleasant to you - expect good luck at work, success in business.

Why do smokers dream - E. Avadyaeva's dream book

Why dream of smoking according to the dream book:

You saw that smoking is a good sign, especially for those involved in business, financial transactions. Smoking in a dream - concluding profitable deals, successful business negotiations, good profits in the end. In a dream, you see other people smoking - you need to climb another step and enter high society. Try to show your best side there. Your future career may depend on it.

See Smoking: N. Soboleva's dream book

How to find out why you smoke in a dream?

Smoking is a habit; mood swings; anxiety.

Why dream of smokers - Simeon Prozorov's dream book

Why does the dreamer dream of smoking?

Smoking - Throwing money down the drain. Imagine putting out a cigarette and throwing the entire pack in the trash.

Why dream of smoking according to the interpreter of dreams according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

Smoking - to loss of health; blow the steam down the drain.

For those born from May to August:

Smoking in a dream and blowing smoke out the window - Throwing money for the evening.

For those born between September and December:

Smoking - To successful negotiations.

why dream if you smoke

Smoking - Daily dream book

Smoking is a harmful habit and is firmly rooted in the minds of every person, even smokers. And therefore, to see smoking in a dream is a sign that you should look for the reasons for your failures in yourself, in your behavior.

If you dreamed that one of your friends was smoking, then in real life you can become the object of ridicule, insults, gossip and intrigue. If you dream that you are smoking a cigarette, then you yourself will act as a provocateur of gossip and ridicule. However, it is worth noting that mocking you with other people will not increase your respect in society, quite the opposite.

If you dreamed of an object for smoking, whether it is a hookah, a pipe, a mouthpiece, cigarettes, etc. , then in reality your fantasy is working in the wrong direction - direct all your energy to work to create coziness and a comfortable atmosphere in the family- become one of the happiest people.

At the same time, you can notice that you are more interested in other people's lives, that you try to notice the flaws in others and inflate them, showing them to the people around you. I dreamed that in a dream you understand that you yourself are the owner of smoking items, then maybe in real life you are very self-critical - it is easier to relate to your own mistakes, to yourself.

If you had a dream in which you smoke a hookah, then in real life beware of people who speak too beautifully, know how to flatter - you can easily fall under their influence.

Why dream of smoking: Big encyclopedia of dreams by O. Adaskina

It means that you are literally haunted by a habit; such a dream can also mean a change in mood; anxiety.

Smoking or sniffing tobacco: a) for pleasure; b) to boredom; c) to harmful hobbies, bad habits, criminal tendencies; d) loyalty in friendship.

A dream with a smoker according to the Culinary Dream Book

Get exquisite pleasure. 5th house of the horoscope.

Smoking tobacco is dangerous, bravado. 5th house of the horoscope. Mars.

Interpretation of the astrological dream book

A dream in which a person dreams of smoking cigarettes, cigarettes is a symbol of passion, forbidden desires that are difficult to resist. Smoking a pipe is a dangerous passion that can lead to death. Tobacco is a bad sign - a symbol of communication with rude and uncultured people, a quarrel is possible. scorpion.

Why dream of smoking cigarettes

If you dreamed of smoking - the dream book of the gypsy Seraphim

It means emotional anxiety, negative emotions. To accurately determine the meaning of a dream, pay special attention to its context.

What does the dream of smoking mean according to the Psychological Dream Book

If you dreamed that you were smoking, it means that all issues will be resolved very soon and successfully.

Cigarettes or cigars - to success in the started business.

I dreamed of smoking according to the modern dream book

If you smoke cigarettes in a dream, then in reality you will have to make a lot of effort to achieve your goal. I dreamed that in a dream you feel a strong desire to smoke, then in real life you will encounter problems that will scare you. And yet you will overcome them! Dreams about smoking are often dreamed by people who decide to quit smoking. In this case, such a dream means that you have not completely parted with the habit that is deeply rooted in your subconscious.

A dream in which a person dreams of smoking cigarettes means that you will commit an unforgivable sin or make fun of yourself in front of friends.

Why dream of Eudokia fortune tellers smoking from a dream book

For success in business.

Smoking in Arnold Mindel's dream book

To see a person smoking in a dream - some event will disturb your peace; you will constantly return in your thoughts to whether you are doing the right thing; doubts and worries will overwhelm you for a few days. You yourself seem to smoke and it gives you pleasure - the dream warns that due to some bad habit you may have health problems. You dream of a woman who smokes - soon you will be informed that one of your friends tried to commit suicide.

Smokers according to the Jewish dream book

For trouble. Smoking a pipe with a long chubuk - to a state of indifference to everything in the world.